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Sales Coaching Slide Decks

Get exclusive access to real presentations from Ambition sales pros and sales leaders from some of our favorite partners in the industry. From proving your sales coaching impact to strategically leveraging sales scorecards,
you'll find a wealth of easy-to-digest sales wisdom here.

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Yes, you can measure coaching impact. Mary Foster, Ambition Customer Success & Product Manager, shows you how to tie performance change to your sales coaching program — so you look like a hero. Not 


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Becc Holland of Chorus shows us how to pivot from “volume-based” messaging to an “all tailored, all the time” strategy at scale. The result:  drastically improved quota-attainment.

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Are you a walking "coach-tastrophe"? Seasoned inside sales expert Lauren Bailey shows us how to recognize (and fix) sales coaching mistakes you never knew you were making.

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Stop managing, start coaching: that's the mantra of Brian Trautschold, Ambition's COO. See how to coach your way to healthy pipeline, S.M.A.R.T right goals, reduced turnover — so you never miss quota again.

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A quick-and-dirty lesson on building better sales scorecards, for every role on your team, from BDRs to Customer Success to Sales Managers like you.

See a personalized walkthrough of Ambition's latest coaching updates, and learn how you can automate everything.

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Sales Coaching Playbooks & Infographics

Our most popular sales coaching content — all for free, all in one place.
Get tactical tips, insights and how-tos so you can improve performance and productivity on your team, starting today.

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Moving the Middle Playbook
Sales Coaching Cheat Sheet
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Moving the Middle Sales Coaching Guide

Too many sales leaders focus their coaching efforts on their teams’ top and bottom performers. Learn how to move the middle players on your team, so you can move the needle in a powerful way.

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The Ultimate Sales Coaching Cheat Sheet

6 easy steps to building a program that drives revenue and visibility for your sales org. From cadence to goal-setting to top focus areas, these are the keys to better sales coaching.

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Top Coaching Tips for 2020

Everything you need to know about sales coaching this year, in a short-and-sweet infographic. Download it, print it out, and keep it on your desk as you work to shore up your sales coaching program in 2020.

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Videos and Webinars

We're getting up-close-and-personal with your favorite sales leaders. Sit back and hit "play" to hear what they have to say about sales coaching — trust us, you'll want to bookmark these.

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Webinar: Ambition + SalesHacker

Coaching and KPIs are like PB&J. Learn about the sales KPIs that every sales coach should be keeping an eye on in 2020.

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Webinar: Ambition + Zoom + Factor8

In this live Q&A with from Zoom, Factor8 and Ambition, learn how to keep your SDR or BDR team motivated with new coaching tactics, killer contests, and more.

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Video: 5 Questions with Our VP Sales

Mark McWatters, Ambition's VP Sales, walks us through the 5 questions he asks his team during his weekly 1:1s — and explains why he chose them.  

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Sales Coaching and Sales Scorecard Templates

Browse our high-demand sales coaching and sales scorecard templates, created and used by sales leaders from brands you know and trust. (Want more? Head over to our Template Hub!)

sales coaching template ambition
sales coaching template outreach
sales coaching template chorus

Sales Coaching Template:
Goal — Meetings Set

Want your reps to start setting more meetings, starting right now? Our Toolkit — complete with built-in formulas and a KPI calculator — will get more meetings on the books and more revenue in your pipeline.

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Sales Coaching Template:
Brook Bachesta, Outreach

Brooke Bachesta, SDR Manager at Outreach, shares the template she uses for her weekly sessions. See the exact questions Brooke asks her SDRs and customize them for your own team.

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Sales Coaching Template:
Becc Holland,

Becc's template gives you the framework to immediately start running consistent, metric-based 1:1s that increase effectiveness, improve retention and develop your people. 

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sales scorecard template toast
sales scorecard template xactly
sales scorecard template braves

Sales Scorecard Template:

Get exclusive access to a real BDR scorecard from Toast. See the exact targets Toast sets for their SAs around Activities, Demos Held, Opps Created, and more. 

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Sales Scorecard Template:

Increase visibility and accountability on your team with this sales scorecard from Xactly, and see the specific output metrics they track for their team on a weekly basis.

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Sales Scorecard Template:
Atlanta Braves

Download this template from the Braves and see the exact ticket sales goals and monthly revenue targets that reps need to hit. Steal it, save it, and use it for your own team today!

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Sales Coaching Certification:
Free Online Course

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Become a certified sales coach!

Our online sales coaching certification course draws on the latest research, trends and best practices — all packages into short-but-thorough lessons. When you pass the quiz at the end of the course, you'll receive a LinkedIn Sales Coaching badge to add to your profile, so the world will know that you're an expert sales coach.

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