Not hitting quota? Not sure why?

Every day, sales managers are pulled in a million different directions. Use our Sales Manager Scorecard Template to track the key activities you should focus on — and use our built-in formulas to set targets that will result in more done deals for your team.

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Easy Instructions

After downloading, you'll see a quick overview with simple instructions for using the scorecard and customizing it for yourself.

Activity Scorecard

Identify the daily activities that you need to focus on and track as a manager, then decide how heavily you'd like to weight each one. (Not sure what those are? This scorecard already has the activities that most sales managers should be performing!) Our built-in formulas will calculate a daily score for you.

Objective Scorecard

Daily activities should always lead to monthly outputs. Identify and weight these metrics. Every month, you'll work toward earning earning 100% on your Objective Scorecard.