Get a REAL sales scorecard from BAMS.

Matt Mills of BAMS (Bank Associates Merchant Services) is giving away his team's Account Executive Scorecard. See the exact metrics they're measuring and the weekly numbers they're trying to hit. Download and tailor it to your team today!

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Free KPI Calculator

Work backwards from your revenue goals to determine accurate targets and set the right benchmarks for your ISRs — no math required!

Activity Scorecard

Identify the daily activities that you need to focus on and track as a manager, then decide how heavily you'd like to weight each one. (Not sure what those are? This scorecard already has the activities that most sales managers should be performing!) Our built-in formulas will calculate a daily score for you.

Objective Scorecard

Daily activities should always lead to monthly outputs. Identify and weight these metrics. Every month, you'll work toward earning earning 100% on your Objective Scorecard.