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Close 50% more b2b deals

See how fin-tech company Payroc is using Ambition Coaching to improve win rates and move deals through the funnel faster.




“We purchased Ambition because we wanted transparency for our sales organization. We wanted gamification, but we had not counted on how much the coaching would be a game changer.”



Impact numbers:
  • 100% increase of active opportunities
  • 150% increase on monthly calls made
  • 4x the average B2B lead to opportunity conversion rate
  • 50% higher close rates than average B2B sales reps


The Payroc sales team needed a way to provide performance transparency across their 8 US offices. They wanted to give visibility into data to create a focus, at the organizational level, on filling the top-of-funnel with more leads to create a healthy pipeline and moving deals through the funnel faster.


Zack, VP of Sales Technology and Operations thought that Ambition leaderboards could provide the transparency-- with gamification helping to lift sales activities. What quickly became obvious to Zack was that the 1:1 coaching platform might be the most influential tactic of all.  



Increase on monthly calls made


higher close rates than average B2B sales reps


increase of active opportunities

The Setup

Throughout the course of 2019, Zack set up sales TVs with leaderboards in each of his 8 offices. They aligned their marketing, sales, and operations teammates on monthly contests that focused on top-of-funnel activities like calls made and mid-funnel objectives like active opportunities. They also required their sales managers to perform 1:1 weekly check-ins that were tracked digitally in Ambition and attached to performance goals.



Using Ambition, Payroc's calls increased 150% from the start of 2019 to the end. They achieved this with steady month-over-month growth averaging about 8% lifts every month. With an emphasis on moving those deals from leads to opportunities more quickly, they converted leads to active opportunities at 4x the average rate for B2B sales, gaining an average of 6% lift every month in 2019, and thanks to regularly scheduled check-ins with managers consistently coaching reps, their sales reps close at 50% higher rates than average B2B sales reps do.



"We are always trying to streamline and automate our sales processes. Ambition has saved us several hours every week on admin tasks, and we are more efficient, more accurate, and performing higher throughout our sales cycle."

— Zack Wing, VP of Sales Technology and Operations, Payroc




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