Kick Off 2021 With Ambition 

Join Ambition VP Customers and CSM to talk about how to kick off the year right with Ambition.

2021: It's Go Time.

5 things you can do in Ambition to start 2021 off right

Activity & Objective Scorecards For Sales Teams

How to compile a sales role into a single effectiveness score.

Sales Competition Frameworks

Q4 is here, and it is budget szn, baby! Here are some frameworks to successfully use Ambition competitions to fire up your team.

Using Celebration & Issue Detection Alerts To Manage Your Remote Sales Team

Your sales floor has left the building! Here's how teams are using sales alerts while they're remote

Coaching Tips & Tricks

Interested in driving more impactful coaching 1 on 1’s? Then take a listen to this Office Hour Session where we review a few tips and tricks that help you make the most of every coaching session!

Digitizing & Automating Sales Clubs & Awards with Accolades

We're excited to announce some big upgrades to our Accolades program. Here's some inspiration to help you automate recognition of your team!

Introducing Coaching Overview

Think you've got a coaching culture? Our new Coaching Overview shows how coaching is being executed across your org — and how it's impacting performance.

Gamification in Sales

Some ideas and tips to help you run your most successful sales competition yet.

Ambition's Latest Product Releases June 2020

6 Big-Freaking-Deal Product Releases You Don't Want To Miss (and a few smaller ones that will surprise and delight, too!).

Making the Most of Your Salesforce + Ambition Integration

Tips, tricks, and features you might not have known about the Salesforce and Ambition integration that make gamifying your Salesforce data a breeze.

Identifying Sales Coaching Opportunities With Metrics & Graphs

How to identify coaching opportunities with different metrics and graphs + strategy for maximizing the impact of your sales coaching.

Customizing Your User Settings in Ambition

Leverage the power of your Ambition custom settings to build a brand for yourself in your internal organization

Onboarding & Ramping New Sales Reps

Ambition makes reducing ramp time for new hires easy with dynamically automated scorecards and coaching programs.

Building Out An Expanded Feature Set for Remote Teams

We're launching the first of four new product features and functionalities dedicated to the success of all the teams that rapidly went remote.

Remote Sales Solutions With Alerts & Triggers

Leveraging automated alerts, scorecard strategies, gamification, and coaching tactics for your remote sales team

Sales TVs & Leaderboards Best Practices

Increase the productivity and engagement of your sales teams with big screen recognition.

Competition Best Practices

Some ideas and tips to help you run your most successful sales competition yet.

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