Download the Negotiation Skills Coaching Cadence Template

A 5-week program that trains sellers how to accelerate their deal cycle and improve average order value.

Negotiations are challenging even in the most favorable economic conditions. When the market is volatile, there's added complexity and pressure on sellers. As a manager, how you can you improve their confidence and revenue production? Download (and immediately enroll them in) this coaching cadence that will fasttrack them to better win rates.


Unlock the Coaching Cadence™ Framework

Along with best practices for frontline sales managers, get Ambition's proprietary Coaching Cadence™ Framework


Get Manager <> Rep Conversation Starters

Mutually assess performance with conversation starters and get a set of reflective and application-style coaching questions to use throughout the program.


Access a Prescriptive
5-Week Coaching Program

Recertify your reps using our progressive coaching cadence full of role plays, articles, learning exercises, and 1:1 touchpoints that will get reps back on track.