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Integrate Ambition and Gong

See how Instapage is using Ambition and Gong to create a successful sales coaching culture built to lift reps up the leaderboard.


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Nick Liemandt, SDR Manager at Instapage, broadcasts a specific set of metrics on his sales TVs and coaches his team with a framework that is built to lift reps up the leaderboard.





Lift in meetings set


Lift in SDR pipeline created


Increase in qualified opportunities

“Everyone on our team wants to improve and move up the leaderboard. It fosters peer initiated learning outside of our weekly call coaching sessions. Everyone wants to hear how the rep at the top of the leaderboard did it."


Nick Liemandt, Sales Development Manager, Instapage

Curious which score card metrics and TV slides Instapage uses?  


Download Instapage Case Study


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