How to Evaluate Your Coaching Influence: A Guided Self-Assessment for Revenue Leaders


Motivating reps toward a desired sales goal requires more than position and power—it requires influence. Whether you manage 3 account managers or 25 SDRs, influential coaching at every level directly impacts your bottom line (and the trajectory of your career). The question is, how do you measure your coaching effectiveness so you know what’s going well and where you’re falling short? 

Join our dynamic panel of leaders from Workday, Twilio Segment, and Ambition, as they guide you through a coaching self-assessment. During the session, you’ll learn:

  • How to implement a 360-degree coaching strategy to motivate the whole person
  • How to measure coaching effectiveness and what KPIs to track
  • How industry peers, tools, and tech can keep you in a growth mindset

Watch the Recording