The Business Case for Sales Coaching
An Executive Briefing & Expert Analysis


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Are you a sales manager looking to optimize your SDRs output and performance? Are you a RevOps leader building a 2022 budget?

Too often VPs of sales or CROs de-prioritize initiatives surrounding sales coaching when, really, it’s one of the most important and impactful investments you can make to better your business. That’s why we’re hosting this webinar to help you successfully deliver a case outlining the value of sales coaching and why it’s critical in today’s hybrid world.

Join us for an upcoming webinar that will cover why sales coaching matters, how to financially plan for it, and the benefits you can expect to see in the first 180 days of implementing a recommended tool. Peter Ostrow, our guest from Forrester, will recap industry research and best practices, and Mark McWatters, VP of Sales at Ambition, will share stories from the field.

During this session, our panelists will present:

  • The costs associated with voluntary turnover, lost productivity, and uncovered sales territories - all things sales coaching solves for
  • The mainstays of a powerful sales coaching program and how you can recoup lost revenue and future-proof your business
  • The tools and tech available to empower your frontline managers to coach with confidence and real-time data and insights

Don’t miss this conversation that will help you and your leadership team understand why sales coaching is critical to success.

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