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Ambition elevates the power of your existing sales stack so you can create attainable goals for your reps, make tactical decisions faster, conduct measurable 1:1s, and gain more control over the sales process than ever before.


Ambition is a game-changer.

Ambition is where modern sales leaders manage their reps. Display metrics that matter on big-screen TVs, set pacing alerts that trigger real-time action (via Slack/email/in-app), and spin up competitions in a flash. Because we integrate with the tools you already use (Salesforce? Dynamics? Outreach? No Problem.) and provide hands-on account management, you'll have everything you need to coach every rep to quota-crushing success.

Keep energy high.

Jumpstart spiffs and drive KPIs by aligning in-house or globally dispersed teams with competitions.

See the data you need.

Benchmark short-term activities and long-term objectives, so your team stays focused on metrics that matter.

Hit 'the number'.

Chart progress against custom goals (in real time!) to encourage accountability and drive attainment.

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Drive the right behaviors.

Weighted activity scoring conditions reps to stop mindlessly logging tasks and start proactively doing higher-value activities. While, real-time pacing alerts and dashboards keep sales leaders, managers and reps aligned and able to turn on a dime.


Most Meetings Booked Competition - Ambition

Book more meetings.

Once your reps know how to play the game, a little friendly competition ups the ante. Quickly create individual or team challenges around KPIs that actually move the needle and watch reps connect with more prospects faster than ever before. 


Most Meetings Booked Competition - Ambition
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Celebrate every close!

A pat on the back at the end of the quarter isn't going to cut it anymore. Sales teams need constant visibility, accountability, and motivation to stay on target. With instant Slack, email, and TV triggers, reps can show off their hard work and your entire company can give them a virtual high-five in the moment.


Ambition integrates with all of your data sources.

Our native data integrations and open API allow you to ditch the spreadsheets and seamlessly sync data from your CRM, dialer, workflow automation tools, and more! 

Our previous platform was not meeting our needs. We had TVs before, but no one was even looking at them. With Ambition, we've got data integrity, and we have buy-in from our reps.
Melissa Koop
Melissa Koop, CRM Analytics
Phoenix Suns
Ambition gives me confidence we're moving pipeline, adds far more visibility into my leading indicators and lets me put incentives in place to influence team outcomes.
Brad Freitag, CEO
We purchased Ambition because we wanted to change the culture on our sales floor, specifically so that SDRs would rely less on emails and more on calls. When we launched Ambition, it permeated our weekly culture. Now, our team knows it’s all about calling.
Jay Tuel, VP Sales Development

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