Download this Coaching Template to Reinforce Strategy

A 1:1 Check-in Template for Sales Managers or Enablement Leaders to Use with Reps

According to Forrester, three quarters of companies report that how a company conveys their message/strategy, primarily through sales content, is a problem. Most reps don’t know what content exists, and only the most elite sellers understand how to effectively use it in 1:1 sales interactions. Our goal with this template is to help you coach your reps to that “elite” status by holding them accountable and encouraging them to adopt the most foundational pieces of sales content that will move their deals and client relationships forward. 


Measure Content Adoption & Buy-in

Ask your reps to report on how the content supports their sales conversations.


Optimize Content Usage and Scripts

Find out if reps are modifying the content and why they omit certain slides or sections.


Uncover New Market Insights

Learn what storylines are missing from the content based on customer response.