BlueGrace Carrier Sales: A League of Their Own

How BlueGrace used Ambition to turn the slowest quarter in sales into an impactful competition.

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When a hardworking, energized sales organization that cares deeply for the success of its people meets a tool that tracks activity, motivates reps, and encourages healthy competition, magic can happen

See what happens when BlueGrace, a superior supply chain management company, uses Ambition to fuel a brand new competition that ended their year strong

Download the case study to find out how they achieved:

  • A 40% increase in activity and loads moved
  • An 80% increase in output
  • Scorecards created for 7 levels of seniority
  • Advanced efficiency metrics and new upward trends
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“We invest in Ambition to accommodate for the changing workplace landscape. We wanted to make sure that our reps know each other, feel part of a massive organization, and have a centralized activity platform even if they work remotely and have never stepped foot in one of our offices.” - Raddy Velkov, VP of Carrier Sales, BlueGrace
Download Case Study