Thursday, July 13 2023 | 12 p.m. CT

Embracing the Future of Feedback & Growth: A Revenue Leader’s Guide to Annual Performance Reviews


According to Gallup, fewer than 20% of sellers feel inspired by their annual performance reviews. Are you worried that your leaders don’t know how to effectively conduct this coaching conversation? 

With a majority of customer-facing employees showing low intent to stay with their orgs this year, it’s time to master this quarterly and annual touchpoint. That’s why we’re bringing together a power house of executives from Pavilion, Rattle, and Ambition to discuss:

  • How to build an annual review agenda that inspires a new generation of sellers
  • How to get to the heart of expectations and aspirations
  • How to infuse this once-a-year conversation into a weekly data-driven coaching cadence
  • How to purposefully connect goals and personal growth back to the metrics that matter

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