Customer Summit 2019

The can't-miss sales leadership event for Ambition customers & friends.
Nashville, TN

One day of learning, networking, and honky tonking for sales leaders.

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The Ambition customer family is on the cutting-edge of promoting sales excellence. They're dedicated to increasing productivity, improving performance, and inspiring their teams without embracing gimmicks or short-term wins.

That's why, we're bringing everyone in our community (not just customers) together for the inaugural Ambition Customer Summit.

For one day and evening, we're going to: 

  • Present the latest best practices, tips and tricks surrounding sales leadership 
  • Give you a front-row seat to the future of Ambition and our product roadmap
  • Host expert panels with sales thought leaders shaping our industry
  • Provide opportunities for you to share your invaluable sales knowledge with each other 
  • Throw a no-trip-to-Nashville-would-be-complete-without rooftop party downtown


The Speakers

Brian Trautschold
Brian Trautschold
COO, Ambition
Sahil Mansuri
Sahil Mansuri
CEO, Bravado
Mark Kosoglow
Mark Kosoglow
VP of Sales, Outreach
Lauren Bailey
Lauren Bailey
Founder, Factor 8
Travis Truett
CEO, Ambition
Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah
Sales Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO
Richard Thornton
Richard Thornton
Sr. Mgr Ticket Sales, Atlanta Braves
Sarah Reichard
Customer Success Lead, Ambition
Larry Long Jr.
Larry Long Jr.
Dir. Collegiate Sales, Teamworks
Chris Varites
Chris Varites
Sales Ops & Inside Sales, ADP
Lars Wold
Lars Wold
SVP of Sales, Dialsource
Jared Houghton
Chief Sales Officer, Ambition
Hana Elliott
Hana Elliott
VP of Marketing, Ambition
Steve Richard
Steve Richard
Founder, ExecVision
Bethany Priode
Support Engineer, Ambition
Mary Foster
Customer Marketing, Ambition
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Chris Albro
VP Enterprise Sales, Outreach
Mark McWatters
Mark McWatters
VP of Sales, Ambition
Pleasant Rich
Pleasant Rich
Strategic Sales, Pendo
Austin Braksick
Austin Braksick
SMB & Commercial Manager, Xactly
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Becc Holland
Head of Sales Dev,
Doug Landis
Doug Landis
Growth Partner, Emergence Capital
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Catie Ivey
Regional VP of Sales, Demandbase
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Travis Ashby
GM Sales Incentives, Blueboard


Registration & Coffee
Get in early to network with other Ambition customers, and then settle in for a great day!
Welcome & Housekeeping
We kick off the day with Customer & Product Marketer, Mary Foster, followed by opening remarks from Ambition CEO, Travis Truett.
From Coaching to KPIs: How metric-driven sales teams create winning cultures - Brian Trautschold, CO-Founder, Ambition
Successful, modern sales leaders have figured out that “building a culture” really means measurable coaching programs, team-wide visibility, strategic competitions and celebrating wins are a highly-valued centerpiece of their organizations. Not-so-coincidentally, these managers are leading the pack when it comes to building healthy pipeline, setting the right goals, consistently hitting numbers and reducing employee churn while also increasing quota attainment.Join Ambition Co-Founder, Brian Trautschold, as he outlines how to use real-time data to make lasting, incremental management decisions that will move the needle and motivate your reps like never before.
Step-by-Step: Create Better Scorecards For Your Reps
Join Mary Foster, Ambition Customer & Product Marketing Manager, as she shows you how to create a better sales scorecard that will set everyone on your team - from BDRs to Managers - up for success.
5 Tips To Make Call Coaching More Successful - Lauren Bailey, Factor8
“The truth is that most of us suck at call coaching. The worst part is that most of us don't even know it. At Factor 8, we've identified the top 5 call coaching mistakes we've consistently seen across hundreds of sales floors. We call them Coach-astrophies. Like it or not, you're probably guilty of at least a few of them." Are you a walking Coach-tastrophe? The good news is, no matter what, these snafus can be quickly and easily fixed. In this intensive and tactical session, seasoned inside sales expert Lauren Bailey, will show you how to recognize your mistakes, provide tactical fixes, and share her insider secrets to completely change your approach to call coaching and double your results in the process.
Let's Get Personal: How to Personalize Emails & Calls at Scale - Becc Holland,
In this renowned, tactical session, Becc Holland, discusses radically pivoting from a “volume-based” messaging strategy to an “all tailored, all the time” strategy at scale. She’ll cover how to create a new messaging structure that enables reps to write personalized messaging that is more personal than ever before, while unlocking repeatable (and drastically improved) quota-attainment as a result.
Grab a plate, take a breather, mix and mingle!
Step-by-Step: Measuring Coaching & Conducting Better 1:1s
Mary Foster, Ambition Customer Success & Product Manager, will show you how to apply key learnings from Brian, Lauren & Becc’s sessions so everyone on your team starts having better 1:1s. Not an Ambition User? Don’t sweat it. While we’ll use our platform to demonstrate, this session is for everyone!
Experiential Incentives for Sales Teams, Travis Ashby, Blueboard
Join Travis Ashby (GM, Sales Incentives), as he walks you through expert tips for recognizing top employees with unique experiences (More hiking Machu Picchu and fewer Starbucks gift cards) to create memorable, meaningful & shareable rewards at scale.
PANEL: Defining, Debunking & Discussing the State of Modern Sales - Sahil Mansuri (CEO, Bravado), Pleasant Rich (Strategic Sales, Pendo), Chris Varites (WW Sales Ops, ADP), Austin Braksick (SMB & Commercial Manager, Lead Gen, Xactly)
Modern Sales - it’s a term that we’re all throwing around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? Join Sahil Mansuri, CEO of Bravado, as he leads a discussion all about using data while maintaining a human touch, bringing modernity to establishment brands, and what sales leaders can do to re-write the rules for hiring, coaching, and looking beyond the desire for short-term wins in favor of long-term gains.
PANEL: Your 2020 Salestech Forecast: The tools innovative sales leaders need in their stack - Hana Elliott (VP Marketing, Ambition), Steve Richard (Founder, ExecVision), Vishal Shah (Head of Corporate Development) Showpad, Chris Albro (VP Enterprise Sales) Outreach, Lars Wold (SVP of Sales, Dialsource)
Join proven veterans of SalesTech as they discuss the key trends and needs driving innovation in technology, operations, and sales enablement. In this session, they’ll talk about the tools amodern sales leader has to have to stay innovative and what to expect next based on their unique, collective knowledge of the sales technology landscape.
PANEL: The Evolution of Sales Coaching: Where we’ve been, where we’re headed, & what you need to know now - Jared Houghton (Co-Founder/CRO, Ambition), Doug Landis (Partner, Emergence Capital), Larry Long (Director of Collegiate Sales, Teamworks), Richard Thornton, (Senior Manager Ticket Sales, Atlanta Braves)
Modern coaching programs are consistent, measurable, and tactical - but, what are the key components of an evolved, forward-thinking 1:1 conversation? How can a sales leader better prepare to lead their teams to individual and team victory? What are the need-to-know-now coaching tactics that sales leaders can implement immediately to see results? In this frank discussion about where we’re headed, we’ll get real with an assortment of sales leaders - from those doing the job day-to-day to those that invest in smart sales organizations - and discuss the keys to installing the right leaders, growing existing teams, and guiding every rep to success.
Complimentary Trolley From Diskin Cider to AJ's Star Bar
Rooftop Honky Tonk Happy Hour
No trip to Nashville would be complete without a raucous rooftop hang on historic Broadway! Join us on the roof at AJ's Star Bar for cocktails, snacks, great conversation, and - hey - stick around and you might even do some karoake. Do you have what it takes to hack it on stage in Nashville? Stick around and show us what you got!

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